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  • Eliminate need for health plans to invest time and personnel to manage subscriber transportation

  • Doctors and patients are able to manage all aspects of transportation without investment from health plans

  • Reduce disenrollment with fewer transport issues

  • Reduce costs by preventing gaps in healthcare due to missed appointments

  • Eliminate sanctions for transportation issues

  • Health plans can increase their customer satisfaction and receive an edge over the competition by a service driven approach to medical mobility

  • Our Independent Driver Providers (IDPs) adhere to strict healthcare standards. They participate in ADA, CPR, HIPAA, Sensitivity and Medical Needs Training. They undergo a thorough screening process consisting of multi-stage background checks and drug testing to ensure the safety and comfort of subscribers.

  • More accurate estimated time of arrival

  • Tailored toll-free support for healthcare organizations

  • Dedicated Service Representatives for case managers and discharge planners

  • Reduce no-shows and cancelled appointments

  • Prior authorization to verify the subscriber’s need for transportation service without sacrificing safety

  • We are an all-in-one solution handling recruiting, negotiations, contracting, credentialing, claims review and payment processing.

  • Virtually unlimited driver network potential. As a broker, we are able to work with Independent Drivers all over the nation and scale-up to meet the growing transportation demand of your organization.

  • Years of experience in managed care field and thorough understanding of its challenges

  • Customizable service levels to accommodate each subscriber (i.e. Critical Care Transport, Bariatric Transport, Advanced Life Support, etc.)

  • We ensure shorter ride times and a more personalized approach.

  • Streamlined scheduling, pickup and drop-off organization ensures a smooth experience.

  • Our advanced and fine-tuned service model ensures reliable transportation without delays, long wait times or missed rides.

  • From the moment members board, they experience our quality care at work. All of our drivers are expertly trained in customer care and safety requirements such as CPR and First Aid, ADA, as well as NEMT compliance.

  • To improve service quality we reward high performing drivers with more rides and penalize poor performing drivers and potentially remove them from our network.

  • We manage provider claims appeals in an appropriate manner by an unbiased staff member. We maintain all claims documentation so that our staff members can review the denial with impartiality while preventing fraud. If the appeal is validated, we immediately issue payment to the driver/provider.

  • Rides can be scheduled over the phone or internet 24/7/365.

  • Subscriber and client satisfaction is extremely important to us. We constantly strive to implement new programs that encourage an outstanding subscriber experience and make working with us as easy as possible.

  • Subscriber return-trips are pre-scheduled and assigned to reduce wait times.

  • Our Claims Management Solution eradicates inaccurate and fraudulent claims by reviewing all submitted claims and related documentation, including pick-up/drop-off times and passenger signatures to ensure that service was actually rendered.

  • Our software is specifically designed to manage all aspects of NEMT. Several different standard and custom in-depth reports are available to all clients.

  • A revolutionary technology platform that will dramatically optimize the way patients and healthcare organizations access, track and experience Non-Emergency Medical Transportation.

  • Health plans can measure benefit utilization and network compliance by being able to identify missed medical appointments, track routes and pinpoint transportation patterns.