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Why The Need for Managed Medical Transportation Logistics

Over the past two decades many states and health plans have experienced tightened budgets for Medicaid-funded programs such as NEMT . As a result, they are being faced with increasing pressure to better manage and reduce their spending on NEMT services. For many, a solution has been to adopt the outsourced-brokerage model in order to control costs, improve customer satisfaction, and ensure a uniform system for NEMT delivery.

By contracting with EpicNEMT, Medicaid agencies and health plans benefit by eliminating the need to invest time and staff to manage medical transportation logistics. We provide a liaison between our clients and subcontracted drivers by managing trip scheduling, service quality assurance and claims processing.

Some ways in which we provide exceptional service include:

  • Prior Authorization – We screen each trip request and determine patient eligibility as well as the most cost-effective and suitable mode available.

  • On-Time Pickup and Drop-off – Our custom software solution tracks the location of available driver and automatically assigns the nearest available driver to the ride, resulting in faster response times.

  • Trip Reporting – Our software automatically collects, analyzes and reports on trip data revealing ways to further optimize our process.

  • Rewarding High Performing Drivers – In order to encourage quality of driver performance, we utilize an incentive program to reward high performing drivers with more trips.

  • Flat Rate Trips – Health plans and state agencies have the option of flat rates per trip thereby containing costs and providing basis for a budget.

The EpicNEMT Medical Transportation Logistics Solution

EpicNEMT is a fully managed Medical Transportation Provider that eliminates the need for health plans and healthcare organizations to invest time and staff to administrate transportation logistics. We organize and administer all aspects of Healthcare Transportation logistics including Non-Emergency Medical Transportation and Emergency Medical Transportation. In addition, we are fully equipped to provide Basic and Advanced Life Support, Bariatric Transportation and Critical Care Transportation during emergency transport.

Due to years of healthcare leadership experience, we are able to offer a tailored and intuitive approach to solving some of the most frustrating issues in Medical Transportation Logistics. Our custom built software dramatically increases the efficiency of patient transport by strategically assigning trips to the nearest and soonest available driver. As a result, more patients are picked up on time, fewer appointments are missed, health outcomes are improved and healthcare costs are reduced.

Benefit From Expert Medical Transportation Management

As experts in field of Medical Transportation Logistics, we are keenly attuned to the critical nature of patient transportation. We work tirelessly to provide a top-quality rider experience from the initial trip request until the patient is back home safely. Our focus is patient-centered, resulting in increased customer satisfaction and healthcare provider quality scores.