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There is no waiting around! Epic has a standard operating procedure in place to ensure all of our transportation providers are paid weekly. We will add the money directly to your company bank account through an electronic funds transfer.

Here at Epic, we believe that technology makes everything better, so we supply our transportation providers with state-of-the-art software for receiving trips. Our technology not only provides an on-demand schedule and supply/demand alerts, but also geo-location and consolidated trip data.

All companies – small, medium, and large – are encouraged to partner with us. Customers are our foundation, so if your small company can help us provide that level of excellent care, then your small company will get trips as well.

There are many factors that go into receiving trips. Of course, our transportation provider’s customer service and on-time performance is #1. If you make our customers feel cared for, you will get more trips. Then there are the logistics. Fleet size and availability will also determine how often you are called upon to drive our members.