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The people we serve are at the core of our operations. EpicNEMT provides a patient-centered approach that takes priority in any given situation. Putting the healthcare needs of members first, we ensure that subscribers are receiving the necessary service level at all times while containing costs.

  • Preferred Provider Program rewards high performance

  • Special Needs Management tailored to your subscribers

  • Personal Visits to your facility for patient and staff outreach

  • 24/7/365 Availability

  • Around-the-clock toll-free call centers

  • Fail-safe client data backup systems

  • Multilingual and hearing-impairment support

  • Efficient scheduling and fast pickup

  • Calls are recorded for quality assurance and agent scoring

Credentialed and Qualified Drivers

We understand that our quality of service and level of customer satisfaction will be determined in large part by our transportation providers. That is why we diligently review our driver’s background and licensing requirements through our detailed credentialing process, ensuring that our providers meet EpicNEMT’s high standards. We encourage continually improving customer service by rewarding high performing providers with more rides. Every vehicle is inspected to ensure our members a safe medical transportation experience.

High-Level Care for High-Risk Members

From the very conception of our business, we have understood that one size doesn’t fit all in the medical transportation field. Coordination of all aspects of care, especially for high-risk members with recurring or complex medical transportation needs, is a key element for an excelling customer experience. For situations in which a subscriber will need special care during transport, such as dialysis patients, mental health patients and children in pediatric extended care, we provide specially trained staff to ensure that the patient has the smoothest experience possible.

Enhanced Communication Makes Requesting a Ride Easy

Subscribers may request a ride 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year from their mobile device or desktop computer via our online application. If subscribers prefer making a phone call to schedule a ride, they may call in to our 24/7/365 call center.

Our friendly Customer Service Representatives are a valuable support to our patient-centric values. With multilingual support available, the representatives at our call center are standing by to provide your subscribers with a welcoming voice to resolve issues, schedule rides and reflect well on your organization.

We Train and Retain Quality Employees and Service Providers

EpicNEMT was founded with the mission to provide an excellent customer experience, however, it is our employees and service providers who must make that mission successful. In addition to an intensive recruiting and training process, we strongly believe in employee and transportation provider retention initiatives. We provide career paths, bonus programs and other benefits to motivate our quality staff to stick with us and continue to make EpicNEMT the great, patient-centered organization that it is.