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As budgets tighten and demand for medical transportation increases, EpicNEMT implements the most cost-effective decisions at every opportunity. We are helping our clients save up to 25% in costs from their previously unmanaged NEMT approach.

EpicNEMT’s Cost Saving Methods

EpicNEMT greatly reduces wasteful spending by negotiating fair rates with providers, assessing each trip request to assign the most cost-effective mode and rooting out fraud and abuse by trip monitoring and analysis. We continually introduce other efficiencies to help our clients make the most of their transportation dollars such as eligibility confirmation to ensure only eligible members receive the benefit.

After the initial trip request is made we verify benefit eligibility, prior authorize when necessary and thoroughly assess the level of service required. Our aim is to address the needs of the member while ensuring the most cost-effective service level.

Client Definitions Guide Proper Use of Benefit

We work closely with our clients to define the proper use of transportation benefits. Their custom benefit utilization protocol is then implemented into our system consistently and accurately to assign the lowest cost and most appropriate mode to each member. We use these guidelines to govern all aspects of NEMT management with the intent of reducing costs while maintaining superior customer satisfaction.

Reducing the Impact of Member No-Shows

Member no-shows consume valuable medical transportation dollars and federal funding. The transportation providers must charge more on completed trips to make up for resulting losses and program managers must absorb administrative costs for inbound calls, scheduling processes and closing records. If member no-shows are not managed well they can drastically increase the medical provider’s costs and result in a reluctance to participate in Medicaid programs.

As an effort to reduce member no-shows, we continually seek to educate members with high no-show rates. We also study the key factors resulting in no-shows and work hard to eliminate them.