EpicNEMT Continues Rapid Growth in Florida As Uber Enters Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Market

DORAL, FL (March 5, 2018) – The popular ride-sharing company Uber has announced they will be offering non-emergency medical transportation by teaming up with more than 100 healthcare organizations. Uber drivers will now provide rides to and from medical facilities as an alternative for millions of patients who miss their necessary medical appointments every year, due to a lack of adequate transportation, leading to worsening health and increased medical costs. This concept is not new for the people of Florida, as EpicNEMT (non-emergency medical transportation) continues their rapid growth taking Florida market share.

Epic’s Florida-Focused Model Provides Edge on Service Quality

Epic’s model connects passengers with highly-trained transportation providers, so healthcare organizations can increase reliability and improve member experience. Epic’s edge comes from their localized focus as they expand along with Florida’s regional demand, instead of scaling nationally. Data and analytics of healthcare organizations show increased member utilization of medical transportation when using Epic as their NEMT provider. This is great news for healthcare organizations because increased preventative care leads to large long-term savings and improved health in an industry where there’s a large focus by governmental authorities to drive down cost.

Epic’s Transportation Providers are Ideal for Non Emergency Medical Transportation

One of the unique strengths Epic brings to the table is their comprehensive credentialing and training to ensure they care for those they carry. Epic transportation providers must go through various background checks, screenings, and physicals, as well as receive training in HIPPA; first aid; emergency procedures; patient care; fraud, waste and abuse; and much more.

Epic Provides Various Trip Types to Suit Member Needs

Another way Epic stands apart from popular ride sharing providers is the variation of pickup options. Beyond simple curb-to-curb trips, where any vehicle can be used, and the passenger can walk to a vehicle and enter it without assistance, Epic transportation providers can aid passengers needing an extra helping hand. Epic accommodates many needs with options such as door-to-door trips, wheelchair accessible trips, and even stretcher trips. Finally, Epic technology was specifically crafted for medical transportation providing better passenger care and more reliable pickups and drop-offs.

Epic Continues to Be a Top Choice Despite Newcomers to Market

Even as companies enter the medical transportation market, the expertise and specialization of Epic will continue to make them the top choice for non-emergency medical transportation among Florida healthcare organizations.

About Epic

Epic offers medical mobility service using on-demand technology to provide non-emergency medical transportation for the members of their healthcare partners. Epic credentialed transportation providers ensure passengers make it to their appointments safely and promptly, so they can receive the care they need as health plans increase quality scores, member retention and member satisfaction while containing costs. Learn more at www.nemt.alivi.com.

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