CarePlus Health Plans Partners with EpicNEMT

CarePlus Health Plans Partners with EpicNEMT
CarePlus Medicare Advantage members in 16 Florida counties now have access to Epic’s nonemergency transport.


EpicNEMT, a non-emergency medical transportation company, is partnering with CarePlus Health Plans, a Medicare Advantage HMO plan in Florida. Epic is now offering ambulatory curb-to-curb, ambulatory door-to-door, wheelchair accessible, and stretcher transports to CarePlus members in 16 Florida counties.

In 2017, CarePlus and Epic launched a pilot program. Due to Epic’s patient-centered approach and cutting-edge on-demand technology, the program’s great success led to this new partnership.

“We were excited to partner with CarePlus in the pilot programs and very pleased to expand the relationship throughout the state of Florida,” said Manuel Leon, Vice President of Business Development of EpicNEMT. “Our goal is to ensure CarePlus members are transported courteously and arrive at their appointments on time. We are thrilled that CarePlus entrusted us with this important service.”

Health plans that partner with Epic– now including CarePlus – can request a non-emergency ride to the doctor, hospital, or medical facility for their members using Epic’s online platform or other traditional trip request methods. Epic connects the member with one of their highly-trained and highly-qualified transportation providers. Unlike other transport services that drop people off at the curb and move on, Epic drivers are trained in offering an extra hand to get passengers to the door, providing accessibility for wheelchair usage, and even utilizing a stretcher as needed.

“We’re pleased to partner with a vendor that will help our members seek access to transportation in a user-friendly, consumer-focused approach,” said CarePlus President Bruno Piquin. “It’s important to us that our members have access to our Contracted Network of Providers in order to receive the medical attention they need.”

This medical mobility system will allow CarePlus Health Plans to increase member satisfaction by preventing missed appointments due to inadequate transportation.

About Epic

Epic offers medical mobility service using on-demand technology to provide non-emergency medical transportation for the members of their healthcare partners. Epic credentialed transportation providers ensure passengers make it to their appointments safely and promptly, so they can receive the care they need as health plans increase quality scores, member retention and member satisfaction while containing costs. Learn more at

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